Top 5 Reasons Why Forensic Examiners Rely on the Lutech LT-300 Series Digital Video Colposcopes

For forensic examiners, Lutech’s LT-300 Series digital video colposcopes represent a dramatic advancement in forensic medical examinations.

Forensic examiners point to five specific reasons for relying on Lutech’s LT-300 Series digital video colposcopes to gather evidence of a sexual assault or abuse and to provide the highest level forensic-medical exams.

Why Forensic Examiners rely on the Lutech LT-300 Series Digital Video Colposcopes?

1. A Less-invasive Procedure Means Greater Patient Comfort and a Trauma-Informed Exam:
Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) and Trauma and Violence-Informed Care (TVIC) are frameworks that emphasize physical, psychological, and emotional awareness of the effects of trauma and violence and keep them at the forefront of the exam experience. The LT-300 is a key tool that provides patients with a safe and empowering experience. The unique design eliminates the need for triggering equipment, such as cell phones and cameras, and allows the provider to maintain open communication and eye contact with the patient while observing body language. With a greater distance between the patient and examiner, the LT-300 also increases patient comfort and prevents re-traumatization

2. Shorter Documentation Workflows:
Lutech’s digital video colposcopes capture the most precise high-definition images that can be saved to a local and secure network location instead of a cloud system or SD card. This process eliminates extra steps and reduces the workflow, allowing more time to be spent on patient care.

3. Lutech Colposcopes Are Easy to Set Up, Learn, and Maneuver, Easing the Burden on Examiners:
Among the many advantages of Lutech LT-300 colposcopes is their flexibility, maneuverability, and intuitive functionality. Photography training is not required with Lutech colposcopes. For programs that rotate examiners, relearning the equipment after long periods of time is not an issue with the LT-300 colposcope systems’ easy to use remote control functions, auto focus and foot pedal.

4. Unparalleled Image Capture:
Lutech digital video colposcopes are designed with the highest-quality medical-grade camera and lenses that capture high-definition images in low-light, high-magnification environments. With the LT-300 series colposcopes, anal and vaginal exams are precise, clear, and fast.

5. Greater Flexibility for Examining Younger Patients:
The state-of-the-art LT-300 series digital video colposcopes offer two stand options for various needs. CAC and SANE-P exams involving smaller patients require flexibility with camera positioning for exams without stirrups. The hydraulic swing arm and laptop stand provide a solution that is mobile and provides optimal flexibility for children being examined in a prone position. For exam rooms with minimal space, the vertical stand provides a compact, easy to store solution.

The era of modern-day forensic exams has arrived, thanks to the Lutech LT-300 Series colposcopes. These incredibly cost-effective devices improve the standard of care for every forensic medical exam at a budget-conscious cost. LutechViewer software is included in the price, there are no subscription or license fees, and every LT-300 digital video colposcope is delivered with a 3-year manufacturer warranty. As a plus, training is provided free of charge.

For information on how you can put Lutech’s superior imaging devices to work during your forensic-medical exams, Contact Lutech today.