Introducing the Very
First Fully Mobile High-
Definition Colposcope

Lutech introduces the world's first mobile high-definition colposcope, transforming cervical cancer detection. Breaking free from conventional clinical confines, our device brings screening and treatment to remote settings with ease. Seamlessly integrating telehealth, it offers expert consultations and streamlined documentation, revolutionizing global healthcare.

In addition, our mobile colposcope enhances Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) and forensic exams with precision, flexibility, and security. Integrating advanced technology, it improves evidence collection with a trauma-informed approach. Our mobile devices enable exams in various locations, including mobile RV units and programs that travel to multiple sites. They deliver high-quality exams for individuals and programs with limited budgets, ensuring equitable access to essential services

Mobile Colposcope

Everyone at Lutech is wonderful to work with! We switched over to Lutech and have had great success with our equipment. We love how easy it is to use the equipment and how great the photos turn out. We look forward to purchasing more in the future!

Forensic Nursing Program & Courtney’s Safe Place Manager

Features & Technology

 Features & Technology

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