Colposcope Swing-arm Stand

Introducing the Lutech Articulated Swingarm Stand for the LT-300 Colposcope system – a cutting-edge innovation designed to elevate your colposcopy procedures. This stand isn't just a support structure; it's a comprehensive system that brings advanced functionality to your fingertips. With its unique design, it seamlessly integrates a monitor, enhancing both teaching and patient education.

At the core of the Swingarm Stand is an extended base, meticulously engineered for both stability and ease of use, ensuring precise positioning during procedures. It features a sophisticated wire management system, creating a clutter-free environment and establishing a centralized hub for effective image capture, real-time teaching, and comprehensive patient education.

Swing-arm Stand Colposcope

The Lutech LT-300 HD is video-enabled colposcopy that nudge traditionalists into the digital age.

Dr. James Greenberg
MD Chief of Gynecology/Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School

Features & Technology

 Features & Technology

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