Combining Advanced Colposcopy Technology with Industry-leading iRecord Law Enforcement Recording Platform Yields Beneficial Results

As the premier designer and manufacturer of the highest-quality colposcopes and patient monitors on the market today, Lutech Industries takes enormous pride in partnering with some of the most uniformly respected and revered technology firms in its mission to offer unparalleled service and expertise to the end-user. Our status as a leader in the development and marketing of state-of-the-art colposcopes demands that we align with companies that share our vision for excellence, technological acumen, and exemplary customer service. It’s part and parcel of our mission, and it’s one we take very seriously.

Among the many alliances that Lutech enjoys, our relationship with one firm in particular, iRecord, truly exemplifies our tenacity in partnering with firms that fully embody the idea of complementary technologies for the greater good. The company, originally created to gather forensics for law enforcement, has branched out to encompass child advocacy, health care and higher education. Fortunately for Lutech, iRecord has emerged as a pivotal partner in everything from legal evidence-gathering to the digital recording of medical and surgical procedures to ensure accuracy in the compilation and documentation of audio and video. iRecord also provides services for a range of applicable settings and venues that require precise digital documentation.

Where iRecord excels are in venues where forensics are of pivotal importance. Its proprietary software and concomitant video and audio recording technology are relied upon in numerous settings, many of a highly sensitive nature. Where evidence is crucial in prosecuting cases of alleged sexual assault or suspected molestation of a minor, officials rely on the technological prowess of iRecord and the precision of Lutech’s LT-300 colposcope to secure accurate imagery and to gather and house all pertinent forensic evidence.

SANE procedures — Sexual Assault Nursing Exams — and SAFE procedures — Sexual Assault Forensic Exams, are conducted in the wake of a reported sexual assault to collect evidence that can be presented in court. Should a case go to trial, that critical evidence is subsequently utilized by district attorneys to prosecute suspected offenders. Due to its technological expertise in the industry and its superior track-record of forensic documentation, iRecord is the sole proprietary law enforcement recording solution partner with Lutech. In fact, iRecord’s dedication to technological excellence closely mirrors that of Lutech. It’s a perfect arrangement.

“The iRecord platform is ideal for Lutech in the important realms of forensic examinations and law enforcement information-gathering,” explains Jennifer Fink, Vice President, Sales at Lutech. “iRecord is the most technologically advanced, most complete recording solution on the market today. They’re the leader in the industry; they’re very astute, have great customer service, provide the most advanced technology, and they are very easy to work with.”

Ms. Fink adds Lutech and iRecord share similar values. “We view our partnership as invaluable in providing exceptional quality in the sensitive areas of colposcopy exams and in the digital recording of examination results. The mutual cooperation we enjoy with iRecord reaps outstanding benefits to both the SANE and CAC communities as well as the law enforcement community.”

There are numerous other programs, legal and medical venues around the country that utilize Lutech’s advanced colposcope technology. These range from a program in Minnesota that employs Lutech colposcopy as part of its telehealth solution for evidence gathering in cases of child sexual assault, to programs in health care centers in rural or remote areas that rely on telehealth to assess and examine patients reporting sexual abuse. “The idea is to minimize the level of trauma that these victims have already experienced by providing an easily accessible and reliable exam process,” Ms. Fink explains.

The strength of the relationship between Lutech and iRecord lies in how Lutech adds inestimable value to the iRecord platform. Whether it’s for gathering medical information in a clinical setting, for education, or for gathering forensic evidence for law enforcement and pending litigation, it’s a relationship that is mutually beneficial, and one that promises to continue to reap strong rewards heading into the future.