Lutech: Women Owned, Women-Operated, and a Driving Force in Women’s Health

In the world of women’s health, Lutech Industries stands out in numerous ways. It is a visionary medical technology company and a significant innovator in advancing the well-being of women both nationwide, and around the globe, particularly in the developing world. Equally impressive is the fact that Lutech is the only women-owned and operated developer of state-of-the-art digital video colposcopes in the United States.

As a major developer of technological devices used in women’s health, Lutech designs, manufactures and markets sophisticated digital video colposcopes used by clinicians and forensic professionals in a variety of settings. From medical offices and clinics, to universities, telemedicine systems, and forensic programs, our advanced colposcopes are essential tools in detecting cervical cancer and documenting sexual abuse.

“Since our inception in 2011, it has been our mission to create devices that provide impeccable image capture, while minimizing the discomfort experienced by women facing a potentially serious diagnosis, and by patients undergoing a cervical exam to confirm physical abuse,” states Jennifer Fink, Vice President of Sales for Lutech.


A Woman-Owned Company Revolutionizing Women’s Health Care.

As a woman-owned company, Lutech is revolutionizing women’s health care by dramatically improving cervical examinations. The advanced design of the LT-300 digital video colposcopes vastly diminishes the discomfort experienced by vulnerable patients — and reduces the length and difficulty of conducting exams, and greatly facilitates the storing, uploading, and accessing of images. Because of this, the development of the LT-300 high-definition line of colposcopes remains a significant milestone in cervical diagnostics and forensic-medical exams.

Lutech is widely regarded as a major force in women’s health around the world and is committed to increasing access to live-saving cervical cancer screenings in developing countries, where resources are scarce. Equally noteworthy is the fact that Long Island-based Lutech is a majority woman-owned-and-operated healthcare technology company — dedicated to making a difference by providing innovative devices that improve women’s health, and save lives.

This forward-thinking women’s health care company is the brainchild of Leanna Vachula, Lutech’s President and CEO. With a passion for technology and the motivation to enhance health care for women worldwide — particularly in developing countries where access to healthcare is scarce— Ms. Vachula set out to create a firm whose mission is as much providing advanced technological solutions to health problems as it is about compassion and understanding for the plight of women facing illness or abuse.


Lutech’s Focus: Cutting-Edge and Cost-Effective Technology

Lutech has always been focused on cutting-edge and cost-effective technology. When Ms. Vachula took over the company, she redesigned the products to merge technology with a modern, ergonomic design. With a master’s degree in design, she wanted to ensure that all Lutech products are as technologically advanced as they are intuitive to use and aesthetically pleasing. “A lot of time and focus went into the research of how to improve the products from the perspective of the user as well as the patient to maximize physical and emotional comfort,” Ms. Vachula explains.

As an innovative company, Lutech is groundbreaking and visionary in elevating the level of advanced imaging equipment used in gynecologic diagnostic and forensic settings. “We understand that women can feel vulnerable in an intimate exam and when confronted with the possible diagnosis of cervical cancer,” Ms. Vachula explains. “We’ve made enormous strides in developing technologies that minimize these vulnerabilities.”

“Being a women-owned company and having three of five top management roles filled by women makes us uniquely qualified for understanding the women’s health arena,” Ms. Vachula points out.

“We, as women, tend to care for everyone in our family first and foremost. We leave ourselves to the last possible spot, if and when we have time left over,” Ms. Vachula relates. “We understand exactly what goes on in an exam physically, and the emotional and mental aspects as well,” Ms. Vachula observes. “It’s vital that we get the right technology and accessibility to women everywhere so that we can champion the support system that keeps every family thriving.”

Ms. Vachula credits her family for much of her success. “I grew up in a large family of educators and entrepreneurs; business and learning are in my blood.” Her parents borrowed $2,000 to immigrate to the U.S. in pursuit of their American dream. “We didn’t have much, but my parents made sure I was warm, full, happy and healthy. Looking back now and as a parent, I realize just what a great job they did with how little they had.”

Both parents worked tirelessly to succeed. “My father would work on the company full-time, while my mother would hold down a 9-to-5 job and then work into the night for their company. They always worked hand-in-hand, walking down the same life path. They never gave up. Watching them was all I needed to know the life path I would choose. To this day, I value and respect their work ethic and determination. They are my most valued and trusted confidantes, advisors, and supporters.”

Ms. Vachula’s own work ethic drove her to want to create advanced medical devices that would make a major difference in women’s lives. Lutech’s digital video colposcopes are the result of that desire.

Considered state-of-the-art at the time, previous video colposcopes were little more than a microscope on a tripod, and exams were still invasive, lengthy, unpleasant for patients, and uncomfortable for examiners, and image capture was imprecise and expensive. The technology didn’t yet exist for a high-quality video camera capable of capturing precision digital images of the cervix.

Ms. Vachula’s team at Lutech changed all that. Eyeing digital integration in medicine, they developed the first high-definition colposcope, resulting in precision imagery and a simplified exam process. The LT-300 series colposcopes uses the highest-grade medical camera technology designed for precise internal exams. And most recently Lutech has begun offering a newly custom designed mobile version that is outfitted with a battery pack, and carrying case, allowing their colposcopes to be used in remote corners of the world.

Lutech is particularly proud of its dedication to developing advanced, cost-effective solutions to detecting cervical cancer particularly in areas where access to healthcare and lifesaving cervical cancer screening is scarce.

As a woman-owned medical technology company, it has always been Lutech’s ultimate goal to constantly innovate to bring superior diagnostics to the medical and forensic arenas, regardless of geographic location and wealth. From superior imagery, mobility, and ease of use, to sophisticated data collection and retrieval, Lutech’s colposcopes have moved women’s health care into the future here, and around the world.

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