Lutech LT300 Series Colposcopes Features

The Lutech 300-Series Colposcope Features

The emergence of the modern-day colposcope revolutionized the way cervical examinations are conducted, and the manner in which evidence is obtained in pending cases of alleged abuse.

Previously and for decades the exam process was arduous, and immensely time-consuming, where Images were typically substandard and proved less than ideal in providing physicians with the evidence needed to accurately diagnose and subsequently treat diseases of the cervix. Antiquated equipment was cumbersome and lenses required repeated manual focusing, which lengthened the time needed to secure clear imaging.

This proved difficult for examiners, not to mention patients, many of whom were already anxious about undergoing the procedure and about its ultimate outcome. The process of storing and accessing images was time-consuming and less than streamlined. In short, yesterday’s colposcopy exam was challenging for everyone involved.

Lutech has taken the process of cervical imaging to an entirely new, state-of-the-art level with the development of the LT-300-Series digital video colposcopes, ushering in a new era in image capture, and in the entire examination process and data storage.

The Lutech 300-Series Colposcope Features are a Game Changer for Examiners

For the examiner, the ergonomic design of the LT-300-Series colposcope yielded a dramatic improvement over previous devices. Previously the examiner had to remain in a crouched position in order to peer through the dual eyepieces and conduct the exam. It was incredibly uncomfortable and physically taxing, frequently resulting in eye strain, back pain, migraine headaches, neck pain, and prolonged discomfort

With the Lutech LT-300 colposcope, the examiner can sit comfortably and conduct the exam more rapidly and with ease — thanks to hands-free image capture — vastly reducing the time needed to gather essential cervical imagery. Patients also appreciate the less-invasive nature of the exam, as well as the reduced time needed to complete the entire process.

Lutech 300-Series Colposcope, Designed For Precision:

The LT-300 series colposcopes are designed for precision, ease of operation, enhanced workflow and reduced exam time. Playing a critical role is the Sony digital camera integrated into the design of the Lutech LT-300HD colposcope.

The precision camera provides unparalleled image clarity, allowing physicians to make more accurate diagnoses and assess needed subsequent care. Since the camera features exacting auto focus, there is no need for the colposcopists to constantly focus and refocus the lens, greatly reducing the duration of the exam — a marked relief for examiner and patient alike.

The Lutech 300-Series Colposcopes Ergonomic and Imaging Features:

The Lutech LT-300 Series digital video colposcopes are replete with ergonomic and imaging features to improve image quality, enhance the process, increase workflow, and reduce the duration of every exam. These include:

  • Camera & Imaging: The LT-300 colposcopes feature state-of-the-art Sony cameras for crystal-clear imaging and precise focusing.
  • Two rows of cold LED lights: Designed to capture true tissue color for more accurate diagnoses.
  • Progressive green filter: which enhances visualization of blood vessels.
  • 0-30x optical magnification: with additional 120x magnification level to ensure crystal-clear imaging with every exam.
  • Auto focus feature for quick exams. Colposcopists no longer need to spend inordinate amounts of time focusing and refocusing to obtain accurate imagery.
  • Simple image capture software: saves images and videos to a computer using the foot pedal, freeing up the examiner’s hands; uploading is effortless and access by multiple physicians is assured.
  • Images can be saved to the patient chart as jpegs: Now physicians can easily access digital images and share them with colleagues — a vast improvement over optical colposcopy.
  • Ergonomics and Design: The LT-300 series colposcopes allow examiners to remain seated and comfortably operate the device — without having to crouch, bend to peer into lenses, or spend additional time focusing. The device has an adjustable vertical pole as well as a swing arm; it’s designed for ease of use and to allow examiners to keep a greater distance between themselves and patients, which is appreciated by patients and examiners.
  • Two stand options are available depending on exam room space/needs: Because all exam rooms and space needs are different, Lutech offers two options to make the examination process — and its aftermath — exceptionally easy
  • 360° bracket for easy placement: Examiners can maneuver the Lutech LT-300 colposcope in the precise position needed with ease.

Hospitals, health centers, clinics and universities across the country and around the world turn to the Lutech LT-300 series of colposcopes for a range of reasons and features.

The upright, eye-level position eases examiners’ eye and musculoskeletal discomfort; precise focusing yields exacting imagery; immediate uploading of images to Electronic Medical Records allows clinicians to easily discuss patient diagnoses; intuitive functionality makes the LT-300 easy to learn and utilize; and the overall design makes it less invasive — a major benefit for examiners and for patients.

The LT-300 series of colposcopes represents a significant innovation in the clinical and forensic setting. From its design and ease of operation to the considerable reduction in exam time, it’s rapidly becoming the choice of clinicians and forensic experts.

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