Who Uses Lutech Colposcopes?

OBGYN Offices – The LT-300 HD is the perfect colposcopy machine for the OBGYN office. These high-quality digital video colposcopes will cut down exam times while giving the user the ability to store images in their EMR system.

Residency programs and Education – Lutech colposcopes, including the LT-300-HD, are used in residency programs across the United States, as well as many teaching hospitals and conferences to educate the up-and-coming generation of gynecologists. Because there are no dials and knobs to manually focus the lenses as with traditional optical colposcopes, training for the digital video colposcopes finishes 3-5 times faster. The image can be transmitted to a large screen or computer to educate a room full of residents or clinicians all at the same time.

SANE Facilities/Prosecutors’ Offices – Lutech works with many organizations that fight against sexual assault. The LT-300-HD makes gathering evidence easier for the examiner and less intrusive for the victim.

Telemedicine/Mobile Medicine – Telemedicine is no longer the wave of the future, it’s here now! The LT-300-HD has been integrated with numerous telemedicine solutions to offer convenience and cost-effective care. Lutech has partnered with several telemedicine corporations to help bring OBGYN into the telemedicine sector. We’ve also partnered with outreach programs for rural areas and countries that do not have ready access to women’s health facilities or equipment, ensuring that care is accessible to all.


"I have used several colposcopes over the past five years, and this is by far the best and easiest scope to use. It is user-friendly, it focuses automatically or you can focus manually. It is lightweight and easily maneuverable versus the other models I have used. It definitely makes the invasive nature of a forensic exam less invasive with the foot pedal and auto focus feature. I would recommend the Lutech colposcope highly for anyone to use."

Sexual Assault Nurse,
North Carolina
“From an infection control perspective it is far superior than the colposcopes that we currently have with all the knobs and arms. I have seen the images and they are much cleaner, not as much glare as the conventional system we have.”

“I was able to tell the difference immediately between the standard definition and high definition colposcopes. The resolution of the high def instrument was excellent. I did not see any drawbacks in the design… I can highly recommend the high definition coloposcope to any gynecologist looking for a high quality reasonably priced instrument.”

M.D., F.A.C.O.G.
“We use the LT-300 to assist with the diagnosis of child sexual abuse. Our ability to see findings upon visual inspection has greatly improved. The LT-300 is also less intrusive to alleged victims of child sexual abuse when compared to our past system which was a 35mm camera mounted to a tripod.”

Sexual Assault Nurse,
“Has helped in the visualization of abnormal cells and makes providing education for students and patients on the appearance of abnormal cells easy!”

Residency Program Director
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