Lutech Launches Innovative Cancer Screening Initiative in Costa Rica

Since its founding, Lutech Medical has been instrumental in bringing people together to develop innovative solutions to health issues that affect women worldwide. Lutech’s state-of-the-art digital video colposcopes have been deployed and utilized in hospitals, clinics, and universities, and with telemedicine systems around the globe. 

Recently Lutech has begun providing colposcopes to underserved regions of the world, thanks in large part to a unique partnership that has evolved between Lutech and HERhealthEQ, a social enterprise nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health and well-being of women everywhere.

This partnership and its dedication to women’s health has led to the 10-for-10 Project, a groundbreaking project aimed at fighting cervical cancer.  The goal of the project is to expand access to live-saving cervical cancer screening and treatment by deploying 100 Lutech LT-300 digital video colposcopes, which are used to detect and treat cervical cancer, to hospitals, clinics, and mobile colposcopy programs in 10 different developing regions, including Egypt, Mexico, Lebanon, and South America.  

Recently, the 10-for-10 Project deployed the first 10 colposcopes of the program to Costa Rica, bringing Lutech’s advanced digital-video diagnostic equipment to Costa Rican women and their health care providers and expanding much-needed care in the region. 

Jennifer Fink, Vice President of Sales at Lutech Industries, Inc., traveled to Costa Rica to see firsthand how Lutech’s partnership with HERhealthEQ is impacting women and medical services providers. According to Ms. Fink, the visit proved was both enlightening and inspiring.  

“What my colleagues and I saw was nothing short of astounding from a clinical and diagnostic perspective, and truly uplifting from a personal one,” she said. “As medical device manufacturers, our people spend a considerable amount of time in exam rooms, and as a result we have developed a deep understanding of the issues that plague gynecologists and SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners) here in the U.S.,” Ms. Fink continued. 

“So, for us at Lutech, it was a remarkable experience to visit the Caja public health clinics in Costa Rica to gain a firsthand understanding of how they are dealing with the epidemic of cervical cancer there.”

“Experiencing the excitement and gratitude of the healthcare providers in Costa Rica was heartwarming,” MS. Fink said, “but I was also inspired to see how impactful the 10-for-10 Project and our partnership with HERhealthEQ can be.” Not only does it help the patients, but it also gives doctors and local healthcare providers the opportunity to offer an improved exam experience. 

“These 10 colposcopes will allow providers to screen more than 45,000 women for cervical cancer each year,” Ms. Fink explains, “and provide treatment if needed.” And this is just the beginning. Once the project is fully deployed to all 10 countries, the 10-for-10 Project will expand access to life-saving cervical cancer screening and treatment to 450,000 women a year in high-risk regions around the world.

In addition, Ms. Fink notes, the joint efforts of Lutech and HERhealthEQ in Costa Rica have “reinforced Lutech’s mission to incorporate advancements in technology to innovate medical equipment, thus elevating patient care, along with the patient experience.” She adds that both Lutech and HERhealthEQ “share a deep commitment to women across the globe. We are proud to support the impactful work that HHEQ is doing.”

Lutech’s journey to Costa Rica, and the Company’s strong relationship with HERhealthEQ, will have an immediate impact on women’s health there, make the diagnostic process easier and less invasive and, most importantly, directly affect the lives of patients who will now have a more accurate diagnosis, leading to more exacting treatment, and ultimately a lowering of mortality rates. 

This process is emblematic of the work being done by HERhealthEQ in the nine other developing countries over the next year. “Lowering death rates from cervical cancer on a global scale over the next 10 years should be top of mind for everyone because it is possible and achievable with the expansion of detection and treatment.” Ms. Fink insists. “We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in the process of eliminating this threat.”

Contact Lutech today for additional information on the Company’s partnership with HERhealthEQ, and on their joint mission to bring state-of-the-art Lutech colposcopes to women and health care providers in underserved areas around the world.