LT-300 Series

Digital Video Colposcopes

A faster, simpler, and more effective experience for your patients, and for you!

The Lutech LT-300 SD and LT-300 HD digital video colposcope systems have been trusted worldwide in assisting with the diagnosis of cervical cancer. Used in hopsitals, clinics, medical universities, telemedicine, assault advocacy programs as well as prosecutor’s offices, the LT-300 series colposcopes are built with quality and backed by a 3 year warranty.

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Lutech Colposcopes Benefits

Ergonomic Design

Eliminates discomfort related to binocular use.

True HD Images

Provides increased clarity for better precision.


Hands-Free Image Capture

Makes one-person exams simpler to perform.



Cutting down exam time by up to 50%.


Less Invasive

For both the examiner and the patient.


LT-300 Series Colposcopes

LT-300 SD

The LT-300 SD is a high tech digital video colposcope that can easily cut your optical colposcopy exam time in half. See why digital colposcopy is the future.


LT-300 HD

Everything looks clearer in HD. The LT-300 HD provides crystal clear images for every colposcopy and functions as a training tool for teaching hospitals and educational facilities.

Features & Technology

Mini LCD Viewing Screen
The Lutech LT-300 HD uses an authentic SONY digital camera for unbeatable crystal-clear imaging. (Much less invasive than optical devices. Eliminates need to focus and saves time).

HD Images
Amazing 2.13 megapixel SONY camera gives you the highest quality vulvar and cervical images on the market.

Upload to EMR
Streamline your process with one step upload to your patient chart.

Two Stand Options
The vertical stand provides a compact, mobile solution. The swing arm provides a more flexible solution with more room between the examiner and the patient.

Hands-Free Image Capture
Use both hands during an examination, with foot pedal operations that allow you to capture images and start and stop videos.

Plug and Play Telemedicine Solution
Connect to most telehealth platforms with ease.

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