Case Study: Nemours

Lutech's Non-Invasive LT-300 Colposcopes Mitigate the Trauma of Child Abuse Examinations


The Nemours CARE Program, located at Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, DE, provides the support and guidance caregivers need to help children who are at risk or are victims of abuse.


Within months of launching their CARE Program, the COVID pandemic struck, intensifying conditions that heightened the risk for child abuse and neglect. The client found themselves in need of a more reliable and efficient colposcope to provide clear internal and external images.

Just as important to Nemours, however, was the look of equipment itself. Many of the children they treat have been forced to participate in the creation of sexually explicit or pornographic materials and have heightened anxiety with use of a cameras. Nemours, as a provider of trauma-informed care, wanted an alternative to standard, handheld digital cameras, which can cause retraumatization to these victims.


At Lutech, we work with many organizations that fight against sexual assault, and we felt our LT-300 series would be the ideal solution for the Nemours CARE Program. The LT-300 SD and LT-300 HD colposcopes have a unique, less intimidating look than photography equipment. Many children are unfamiliar with the device and aren’t even aware that it’s a camera, which helps to prevent any type of further traumatization. The colposcope’s ability to detach allows examiners to move with the patient to find positions that are most comfortable for the child. While simple to use, Lutech’s colposcopes use advanced digital cameras for clear, unmatched imaging; our LT-300 HD offers the highest quality vulvar and cervical images in the market.


The Nemours CARE Program found Lutech’s LT-300 series colposcopes made gathering evidence easier for the examiner and less intrusive for the victim. Pictures were obtained quickly and efficiently, and provided stability and better, more comfortable positioning for the patient. Most crucial of all perhaps, the LT 300 SD and LT-300 HD colposcopes met SAMHSA’s principles that guide a trauma-informed approach, including: safety, trustworthiness and transparency, collaboration and mutuality, and empowerment and choice.

The Nemours team often describes the Lutech colposcope to patients as a “fancy magnifying glass with a cool camera” and takes stills and video sequences for them to see. “It basically relaxes the exam setting and use of equipment to augment our findings,” she said, then added: “From a user perspective, it is so user friendly, simple to use, the foot pedal is a miracle device, it is efficient and allows us to really capture high quality photo documentation without much burden.”

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Lutech’s Non-Invasive LT-300
Lutech’s Non-Invasive LT-300

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