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Ergonomics: Digital vs. Optical

The painful truth

Neck pain, back pain and migraines…

OSHA studies have shown that microscope and binocular use increases the  percentage of neck, shoulder, and lower back pain as well as hand and  finger aches, eyestrain, and headaches. Much like when using a standard  microscope, users are forced into an unnatural position when operating  with a manual, binocular colposcope, resulting in muskoskeletal and  ocular strains.

Below is the result of one survey documenting the percentage of participants experiencing pain or discomfort during the use of a binocular and the location associated with it.

% of users experiencing pain or discomfort:

  • 50-60%              Neck
  • 65-70%              Shoulder
  • 70-80%              Back
  • 65-70%              Lower Back
  • 65-70%              Lower Arms
  • 40-60%              Wrists
  • 40-50%              Hands and Fingers
  • 20-35%              Legs and Feet
  • 50%                    Eyestrain
  • 60-80%              Headaches

The medical world focuses a lot on the well being of the patients but often overlooks the affect of care from the operator’s point of view.  While helping your patients, you might be doing harm to your own body.

The solution.

Ergonoically designed, the Lutech digital video colposcopes alleviates every one of these issues, reducing physical stress and lowering fatigue in users.

In addition to transmitting the live visual feed to a TV/computer screen for large scale viewing, the added mini  LCD placed on the back side of the colposcope assists the user with aim and focus.

Digital colposcope vs. Optical colposcope

Which type of colposcope is right for me?

Finding the right colposcope for your practice or facility is important.  The best way to know is to try it out in person for free!  Request a free trial of the Lutech colposcopes for 30 days, including free shipping to you and back.

 Outside of the hands on experience, having proper product information is intrinsic to finding the proper fit.  The list below showcases the benefits of using a digital video colposcope instead of the traditional binocular colposcopes.  If after reading the list, this sounds like something you would benefit from, please give us a call.  We can answer any and all questions you may have.

Benefits of Digital Colposcopes

  • Lower cost
  • Ergonomically designed.   Eliminates pain, discomfort and migraines related to binocular use.
  • Shorter exam time (up to 50% shorter)
  • Low learning curve (user friendly)
  • Auto focus.  No more turning knobs.
  • Portable
  • Easily integrated with telemedicine
  • Easily shared between multiple operators within one facility with no down time to recalibrated eye pieces to each users specifications.
  • Broadly used in education.  The image being transmitted onto a TV screen allows for live demonstration by the teacher to a student audience of any size.  Conversely, it allows the teach to instruct a student in hands on learning without having to take turns looking into an eye piece, adjusting the focus each time.
  • Green filter for acedic acid tests
  • Increase patient awareness and education by having the ability to show the patient what is wrong.  The image can be displayed on multiple screens (one for the doctor and one for the patient) to show the patient what is going on.  In studies, it has shown that this increases the percentage of patient followups.