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  • datalys-800-series-patient-monitor

    Datalys 805

    The Datalys 805 multi-parameter patient monitor features a crystal clear 8.4 inch color touch screen. With the smallest screen size the 800 series has to offer, the Datalys 805 excels in the busiest hospital environments with its unmatched versatility and portability.
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  • Datalys 807

    With a sharp, responsive 12.1 inch touchscreen display, the Datalys 807 is a dynamic solution for any hospital or clinical environment
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  • Datalys 808

    The Datalys 808 houses a 15 inch touchscreen, making it the largest patient monitor display in its category.
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  • Datalys 750

    The Datalys 750 multi-parameter patient monitor is highly mobile and versatile, making it perfect for patient monitoring on the go.
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  • Datalys 760

    The Datalys 760 multi-parameter patient monitor boasts a vibrant 10.4 inch TFT touch screen display
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  • Datalys 780

    The Datalys 780 multi-parameter patient monitor features a 12.1 inch color TFT touch screen display with manual, automatic, or continuous measurement of NIBP
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  • Datalys 780P

    The Datalys 780P shares the same features as the Datalys 780 and comes with a larger, spacious 15 inch display.
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  • Central Monitoring Station

    Patient Monitor Central Station

    Seamlessly integrates all Lutech monitoring solutions to provide a robust central monitoring system fit for the most intensive hospital applications.
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  • LT-300HD Digital Video Colposcope

    LT-300 HD Digital Video Colposcope

    The Lutech LT-300 HD High Definition Digital Video Colposcope delivers crystal clear images and has the ability to cut time spent on colposcopies by up to 50%.  Incredible value and warranty makes it the top pick for high tech medical facilities worldwide.
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  • LT-300SD Digital Video Colposcope

    LT-300 SD Digital Video Colposcope

     The Lutech LT-300 SD Standard Definition Digital Video Colposcope provides amazing image quality in a cost effective solution.  As with all Lutech products, the LT-300 SD comes with amazing warranty and unbeatable customer support.
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