Patient Monitor Central Station

Seamlessly integrates all Lutech monitoring solutions to provide a robust central monitoring system fit for the most intensive hospital applications.



  • ECG, HR, ST segment, RESP, NIBP, SpO2, PR, TEMP, IBP, EtCO2, AG, ICG...etc.
  • Maximum 17 waveform display. Able to support key bedside monitoring functions such as OxyCRG, arrhythmia analysis and review.
  • Long distance bidirectional control: Patient information, start/stop NIBP measurements, auto NIBP measurement period, ECG lead, gain, filter, alarm range and levels.
  • Supports featured KG, real-time KG section, and full screen ECG printout.
  • Enables alarm classification statistic and printout.
  • Combine fetal monitors, pediatric monitors and multi-parameter monitors for a complete obstetric monitoring center.
  • Automatic fetal status scoring system enbaled to facilitate diagnosis
  • Real-time printout and diagnosis review printout, with print preview function.
  • Fetal diagnosis record provides 20 minutes of uncompressed fetal monitoring data.

pdf-icon-copy-150x150   View or Download the Central Station brochure here