LT-300 SD Digital Video Colposcope

 The Lutech LT-300 SD Standard Definition Digital Video Colposcope provides amazing image quality in a cost effective solution.  As with all Lutech products, the LT-300 SD comes with amazing warranty and unbeatable customer support.

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The Lutech LT-300 SD High Definition Digital Video Colposcope contains an amazing 440K Pixel SONY camera inside.  Achieve clear imaging every time you turn your new colposcope on.

Mini LCD Viewing Screen

Design, ergonomics and personal work habits come together in the Mini LCD Viewing Screen, providing the most comfortable viewing options for each individual user.  While the LT-300 SD can be connected to a larger screen for a crystal clear view, the Mini LCD will always be there for users who are used to working with a forward perspective.

Progressive Green Filter

Your eyes see the world in vibrant colors.  However, no two pairs of eyes can ever pick up the same exact hue, tone or value- the three components that make up every color.  That's why the LT-300 SD incorporated a Progressive Green Filter- a green filter that customizes the range of green to optimize clarity for each unique pair of eyes.

Auto and Manual Focus

The Auto Focus feature is one of the many benefits of the LT-300 SD that helps reduce your exam time by up to 50%.  Unlike optical colposcopes which require the user to spend minutes at a time adjusting knobs and eye pieces, the LT-300 SD uses the point and click method.  Simply point to the subject matter, zoom in or out to the desired magnification and the camera will focus for you almost instantly.  When so much is riding on the details, the clear image provided by the LT-300 SD could make all the difference.

Handheld Remote

When zoomed in so tightly, the tiniest movements are massive. Because of this, the adjustment options for the LT-300 SD have been placed on a remote for increased stability.  Ergonomically placed within easy reach, the user can zoom in and out, adjust the green filter, increase or decrease brightness and much more with the Remote without ever having to move the camera head.


The LT-300 SD has numerous applications:

    1. OBGYN Offices - The LT-300 SD provides clear imaging with minimal focus time, allowing users to perform a colposcopy up to 50% faster than when using traditional colposcopes.  For offices where multiple users are using the same colposcope, the LT-300 SD eliminates the headache that results from the need to adjust the ocular pieces on a traditional colposcope every time users change.


    1. Hospitals and Universities - The LT-300 SD is being used within many universities and hospitals as a great tool for education.  With the ability to connect to TV monitors, laptops and desktop computers, the LT-300 SD will display the clear images on any screen the user chooses.  Training new medical personnel in this field has never been easier.


    1. SANE Facilities, Forensics and Prosecutor's Offices - The proper collection of evidence is vital for granting justice for victims of violent crimes.  The LT-300 SD is used in many of these facilities to help provide clear documentation of evidence.  The LT-300 SD also allows for a collection of pictures and video to be attached to any electronic case file system.


    1. Pathology and Dermatology - Using the LT-300 SD, pathology departments are able to zoom in and document medical evidence for their reports.  The camera features a 440K Pixel rating with 32 x magnification, allowing the user to zoom into the pores on the skin with ease.  Dermatology offices will be able to visually record and document skin abnormalities with ease.


  1. Telemedicine - The healthcare world is evolving. More specifically, Telemedicine has grown significantly in the past couple of years.  The LT-300 SD is capable of being integrated to any telemedicine set up.  Lutech has partnered with several telemedicine corporations to help bring OBGYN into the telemedicine sector.  Ask your provider to see how you can integrate the LT-300 SD colposcope system.


Also Available in a High Definition version as well!