Datalys 790


The Datalys 790 is a 17- inch high resolution LCD touch screen with touch-pad and keyboard dual operation and dual assurance.

Product Description

Modular Monitor


  • 17- inch high resolution LCD touch screen 1280x 1024
  • Touch-pad and keyboard dual operation and dual assurance
  • Built-in lithium cell: to ensure continuity of patient’s data during operation with its running time; over 4 hours
  • Bracket scheme: hanging on wall or putting monitor on trolley
  • Supporting built-in heat sensitive printer and external laser printer
  • Module conductive contact: gold plating process, superior conductivity
  • Infrared transmission for module data transfer


  • 7-lead/ 12-lead ECG waveform displayed in one screen: lead acquisition & amplification.
  • Rhythm lead calculation can be selected randomly and synchronous display on the screen.
  • Large-character interface: Long-distance clear observation is especially suitable for ICU, CCU, operating room, night guard, or patrol inspection.
  • Respiration oxygenation interface: It consists of SPO2 and RR trend or compressed respiration wave, 4 trend periods (1 minute, 2 minutes, 4 minutes, and 8 minutes are selectable). Compressed respiration wave or dynamic trend diagram of RR also can be selected.

pdf-icon-copy-150x150  Download the Datalys 790 Brochure here