Datalys 500 Series Fetal Monitors


The Datalys 500 series has 4 unique etal monitors with excellent performance, super working systems, and powerful functional memory.

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Product Description

Datalys 500

  • 5.7" LCD Screen
  • Built-in high capacity Li-ion battery
  • 3-level-audio/ visual alarms

Datalys 500 UD

  • 6.5" Color TFT Display
  • Advanced patient files management system
  • Underwater Delivery

Datalys 500 Maternal

  • 12.1" folded TFT touch screen with wall mounting rack and hidden handle for easy transport
  • Supports Fetal Monitor Display and Maternal Monitor Display

Datalys 500 PLUS

  • 12.1" high resolution, Color TFT display
  • Folding up screen for multi-angle observation, touch screen for simple and fast operation